CU Evolution Selects the Digital Onboarding Platform to Help Smaller Credit Unions Compete and Thrive

Crossroads, TX (August 7, 2019)CU Evolution, a credit union service organization that facilitates the growth of credit unions, selected Digital Onboarding Inc., a SaaS technology company that provides a fully automated new account activation platform, to give smaller credit unions access to a best-in-class digital platform that helps members engage with their credit union from the start of the relationship.​

“If smaller credit unions are going to compete and thrive, they can’t wait days or weeks to engage new members,” said Howard Bufe, President/CEO, CU Evolution. “We advise our credit union clients to stop relying on traditional tactics like direct mail and phone calls and to begin engaging new members immediately via digital channels. Giving smaller credit unions access to the Digital Onboarding platform will distinguish them in the marketplace and enable them to participate in the digital space as they engage new and existing members.”

​According to the Guide to Multichannel Onboarding in Banking report, one of the key missions with an onboarding process is to get out of the starting blocks as quickly as possible so the member realizes that the institution appreciates their business. Furthermore, communicating with a new member within the first few days has a significant impact on member satisfaction.​

“We are thrilled that CU Evolution recognizes the importance of making it easy for smaller credit unions to leverage digital communications to engage members from the start,” said Ted Brown, CEO, Digital Onboarding. “Educating members on the benefits of account-related services and giving them one-click access to enroll is critical for building long-term relationships and satisfaction.” ​

About CU Evolution
CU Evolution originated from LiFE Federal Credit Union in Denton, Texas, in early 2018 and was joined in ownership by Family 1st of Texas Federal Credit Union in Fort Worth, Texas, in May of that year. The mission of the credit union service organization (CUSO) is to facilitate the growth of credit unions to ensure the movement continues to evolve and thrive. To learn more, visit and follow CU Evolution on LinkedIn. For CU Evolution media inquiries, please contact Melenie Segura at or (940) 305-8818.

About Digital Onboarding
Digital Onboarding Inc. is a SaaS technology company focused on helping banking and credit union customers activate their financial services products. Digital Onboarding provides a fully automated new account activation platform that is more efficient and effective than traditional phone calls, emails, direct mail and print brochures, driving profit by increasing new customer activation rates. For additional information, visit​For Digital Onboarding media inquiries, contact Laurie McLachlan at or (617) 921-2916.