Gerber Federal CU Replaces Onboarding Mailers with Personalized, Digital Journeys

Boston, MA (December 2, 2021) Gerber Federal Credit Union selected the Digital Onboarding engagement platform to give new account openers a guided, digital experience that makes it easy for members to adopt account-related services.

Historically, the credit union sent new account openers a welcome mailer followed by several product-specific postcards. The mail costs added up, and the results were lackluster.

“Our members prefer digital communications, and we must be able to engage new members from the start,” said Heather Wiersema, Marketing Officer, Gerber Federal Credit  Union. “The Digital Onboarding platform enables us to give every member a personalized microsite with self-service, digital tools that make it easy to enroll in account-related services. Having a best-in-class onboarding experience is key, and we are excited to work with Digital Onboarding to deliver it.”

The Digital Banking Report Account Opening and Onboarding Benchmarking Study showed that 25 to 40 percent of new checking accounts are closed within the first year. Driving early engagement is the key to building long-lasting relationships. Today’s members demand personalized, digital communications and tools that eliminate the friction associated with new member onboarding processes.

“Direct mail is expensive, slow, and ineffective,” said Ted Brown, CEO, Digital Onboarding. “Credit unions should welcome new members immediately and provide a guided experience that helps them adopt the services they need to fully utilize the accounts they opened. Gerber Federal Credit Union is eliminating friction and delivering a modern onboarding experience. I’m excited to partner with them.”

The Digital Onboarding engagement platform triggers emails and text messages that connect new account openers with their personalized microsites. The platform’s digital, self-service tools allow members to update direct deposits and their default card payment methods in seconds. The platform also helps members adopt the digital banking services that drive cost savings, satisfaction, and primacy.

About Gerber Federal Credit Union
In 1950, Gerber Federal Credit Union was founded in Newaygo County, Michigan, and it’s focused on growing there. The credit union has two branches, more than sixteen thousand members, and over $217 million in assets. For additional information, visit

About Digital Onboarding, Inc.
Digital Onboarding Inc. is a SaaS technology company focused on helping banking and credit union customers activate their financial services products. Digital Onboarding provides a fully automated new account activation platform that is more efficient and effective than traditional phone calls, emails, direct mail, and print brochures, driving profit by increasing new customer and member activation rates. For additional information, visit For Digital Onboarding media inquiries, contact Laurie McLachlan at or (617) 921-2916.