COVID-19: A Message to Customers

The global coronavirus pandemic is affecting the way that we live, work, and connect with our friends and families. In unprecedented times like these, it’s hard not to notice how connected we all are. When businesses are abruptly disrupted, it impacts all of us and the actions that we individually take will greatly impact the recovery of businesses and our shared economy. We are in this together and we’d like to share what we are doing at Digital Onboarding to help ensure the health, safety, and wellbeing of our customers and our team.




Some institutions have reached out to us wanting to let customers and members know how they can access their money and accounts without visiting a branch. If you’re interested in showing people how to make remote deposits, enroll in online and mobile banking, or set up direct deposits, we’d like to help. We are temporarily suspending contract limits on the number of contacts customers load into our system. If you’d like to communicate with all of your customers and members for any reason, you may use our platform to do so without paying extra for it.




It’s always been our goal to recruit and employ the best talent in the industry, regardless of location, which is why we’ve invested in managing a digital workforce. Most Digital Onboarding employees work from a home office where they connect with teammates and customers via phone, email, web conference, and Slack. While we’re encouraging our team to prioritize the health and safety of their families and communities, we do not anticipate any disruption in our ability to support you and your team throughout this crisis.



If you’d like help creating a campaign that educates people on how to access digital services, our team is here to help you put it together. If you have any questions about using the platform to communicate with customers and members during this time, please contact a member of our Customer Success Team.