We are a team of financial services sales and marketing professionals, technologists, and entrepreneurs. Many of us have a long history in the digital account origination space and we know that new account openers don't always turn into engaged and profitable relationships. We designed the Digital Onboarding platform to simplify the process and increase new account activation rates which drives profitability.

Our team is deeply passionate about helping financial institutions succeed and we believe that there is no bigger differentiator than delivering an exceptional experience. Paper welcome kits are no match for an automated, fully digital approach.  


Role Overview

Serve as a day-to-day and strategic contact with your portfolio of financial services institution customers. Help them begin using the Digital Onboarding platform, optimize their email and SMS campaigns as well as their digital step-by-step guides, and expand platform usage by introducing and implementing new use cases. Retain or grow total Annual Recurring Revenue for your portfolio of customers.



Role Specifics

  • With the Account Group Director, meet with higher value customers in person, at least twice annually, ensuring that you are engaged and building strong relationships with senior-level decision makers.

  • Participate in ongoing remote meetings to keep projects on track.
    Understand your customers’ business goals and identify ways that the platform can help institutions achieve or exceed their goals in a measurable way.

  • Advocate for customers internally so that the Digital Onboarding team can enhance the platform to drive usage and satisfaction.

  • Pursue opportunities to expand customers’ use of the platform for additional products and processes.

  • Create (design, write, schedule, etc.) campaigns and modify them, as needed, based on customer feedback.

  • Be expert in new product releases and how new externally and internally facing enhancements are designed and work.

  • Be proficient enough in more technical customer-facing features such as SFTP and email set up to be able to easily explain them to customers.

  • Ensure that customers understand how to fully leverage the Digital Onboarding platform capabilities to drive success.

  • Analyze program results to demonstrate the business impact and suggest and implement optimizations for improving performance.

  • Create and update specific project management documents including timelines and status reports that clearly define key action items, task owners, and deadlines.

To Apply

Email careers@digitalonboarding.com