Be their guide with personalized microsites & landing pages

Link email and text messages to personalized web pages with education, widgets, and tools. Remove friction. Make it easy for account holders to take action.

Personalized microsites simplify complexity

New account openers have a lot of things to set up: Direct deposit, default payment methods, digital banking, eStatements, Courtesy Pay, and more. Mailers and phone calls are expensive and ineffective. Link email and text messages to personalized microsites to simplify complex processes. Guide people without making them log in. Help them activate their accounts, learn how to qualify for a mortgage, and more.

Landing pages keep account holders focused

For campaigns with a single call-to-action (e.g., open a credit card), link email and text messages to a landing page. Keep customers and members focused on the task at hand.

Widgets & tools remove friction

Embed our widgets and tools into microsites and landing pages. Help people enroll in direct deposit in seconds, update default payment methods, enroll in eStatements, and complete other tasks.

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Automated & live chat provide instant support

Embed your automated or live chat into microsites and landing pages with a single line of code. Help account holders accomplish their tasks without making them call or visit. Allow personal bankers to co-browse, and give them a way to stay connected from a distance.

Business objectives help determine success

When you assign a business objective and page completion condition to each microsite and landing page, the platform automatically reports how campaigns helped you achieve your goals (e.g. direct deposit or eStatement enrollment rates).

Unique URLs provide total visibility

Microsites and landing pages are accessed via unique, personalized URLs that track customers’ and members’ activity. See the actions people and businesses complete - and where they got stuck.

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