The Account Activation Platform that Grows Profitability.

Consumers and businesses may sign up for new banking products, but that doesn't mean that they'll use them. Paper welcome kits, mailers, and phone calls are not only expensive, they are uninspiring. Inertia and confusion kill ROI.

The fully automated Digital Onboarding platform drives account activation to grow profitability.


Engagement is Everything.

Every fully engaged checking account customer that sets up direct deposit, uses bill pay, and swipes their debit card is worth $5,724 more in lifetime value than an inactive customer.

Acquiring customers is expensive. Maximize the value of your relationships with the Digital Onboarding platform.

You Can't Optimize What You Can't Track.

You could invest time in measuring the effectiveness of paper welcome kits but why would you? With the Digital Onboarding platform,  you can track every step customers and members take, motivate them to gain the full benefit of their accounts, and prove the return on your investment.

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A Customizable, Core-Agnostic Platform.



Email and text campaigns motivate new account holders to sign up for online banking, download the mobile app, set up direct deposit, and other steps so they can experience the full benefits of their new accounts.



A custom account activation microsite educates and guides new account holders through each step of the process.






Analytics and reports help you you see how new account holders progress through each stage of the activation funnel.

Actionable insights enable you to quickly optimize campaigns and activation microsites for every product (checking, savings, cards, loans, etc.).

Driving Innovation.

The Digital Onboarding platform was recognized by Finovate, a demo-based conference for innovative startups and established companies in the fields of banking and financial technology.

Digital Onboarding demo (Finovate 2017)