Chief Marketing Officer for Digital Onboarding grossly underreported new business wins

A bunch of banks and credit unions adopted the platform, and no one knew about it

Boston, MA (March 31, 2023) - Digital Onboarding, Inc. admitted today that it had not so much as mentioned that it brought on scores of new bank and credit union customers. For weeks, analysts traded wild speculations on the reasons for secrecy. Company officials finally spoke out.

“We’ve been on a pretty fast roll, and I expected to see a slew of press releases just like every other American,” said John Wallace, Chief Sales Officer, Digital Onboarding. “It’s like all Marketing ever talks to me about is how many deals we win. After a record-breaking year as we had, I expected more. I sat through the entire Superbowl game, and there wasn’t a single commercial about it.”

“You would’ve thought the company’s PR agency would have been on top of this and sent out some press releases,” said Ron Shevlin, Chief Research Officer at Cornerstone Advisors and Senior Contributor at Forbes. “But noooo! It seems like everyone is slacking off these days.”

Just before midnight, company officials at an undisclosed Honky Tonk spoke with an undercover reporter disguised as a rookie barrel racer. One official told the reporter in no uncertain terms that the company had built new relationships with “a bunch of banks and credit unions” but failed to issue press releases because “there were too many good things happening” to keep everyone informed at all times.

“My team has indeed been bombarding Marketing with platform enhancements and one new feature after another,” said Jennifer Packard, Chief Product Officer, Digital Onboarding. “I’m sorry, but I’m not sorry! It’s practically in my job description to mess with Marketing. Just when they find the perfect way to showcase the platform, I slip a few extra points into a sprint to see how much they can handle.”

Referring to the notes he jotted on a stack of IPA-stained napkins, the rookie barrel racer/reporter confirmed at least a partial list of previously unannounced new business wins:

Academy Bank
Baton Rouge Telco FCU
BluPeak CU
Bogota Savings Bank
Boston Firefighters CU
Clinton Savings Bank
Columbia CU
Community 1st CU
Credit Union of Texas
CS Bank
Department of Commerce FCU
East Cambridge Savings Bank
Financial Access FCU
First Heritage FCU
First Premier Bank
Freedom CU
Garden Savings FCU
Heritage Valley FCU
Hershey FCU
Kelly Community FCU
KeyPoint CU
Landings CU
Leader Bank
Legend Bank
Members First CU - Utah
Mid American CU
Mobiloil CU
Northern Communities CU
Ohio University CU
Oregon Community CU
PCT FCU (formerly Plymouth County Teachers FCU)
Potlatch No. 1 Financial CU
Quincy CU
Rocky Mountain Law Enforcement FCU
Sabine FCU
Serve CU
Solutions Bank
Sound CU
Texas Plains FCU
The Middlefield Banking Company
Timberland Bank
Trax CU
TruStone Financial FCU
United Mississippi Bank
Veritas FCU
West Alabama Bank & Trust

“Look, whether the company makes a big deal about USALLIANCE choosing the platform is their business,” said Kevin Randall, Executive Vice President, USALLIANCE. “The fact is, we chose the Digital Onboarding adoption platform because it is one of the best tools for deepening our member relationships. With its personalization capabilities and self-service enrollment tools, it helps us ensure that members are using the accounts they opened and are turning to us for additional financial services needs.”

After an image of the napkin list was tweeted in a since-deleted post, experts calculated that well over 100 financial institutions now use the Digital Onboarding adoption platform to drive organic growth. Industry accolades make that estimate believable. The platform was named the Salesforce Accelerate Pitch Competition Winner, FIS Fintech Accelerator MVP Award Winner, Mass Challenge Silver Award Winner, and’s Innovation Series Winner (Digital).

“I feel a little guilty about falling so behind on press releases, but this whole thing has gotten blown out of proportion,” said Laurie McLachlan, Chief Marketing Officer, Digital Onboarding. “I wish the news media and analyst community would show more compassion. The truth is, if the Sales team would stop winning so many deals and the overachieving Product and Engineering teams would take extended vacations, I could finally shine.”

About Digital Onboarding
The Digital Onboarding adoption platform helps banks and credit unions turn account openers into fully engaged and profitable relationships. With personalized messages, microsites, and self-service enrollment tools, the platform helps people enroll in direct deposit and update default payment methods, adopt eStatements, retrieve account and member numbers, open additional products, and more. For additional information, visit For Digital Onboarding media inquiries, contact Laurie McLachlan at or (617) 921-2916.