Automate campaign approvals

Share campaigns, manage feedback & track approvals

Easily track feedback from multiple sources, and ensure that campaigns receive all of the necessary approvals before they launch.

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Streamline the campaign review & approval process

Streamlined Reviews

Send campaigns to Approvers simultaneously, collect feedback, and track approvals

Easily Accessible

Include campaign Approvers even if they don’t have access to the Digital Onboarding platform

Consolidated PDF

Provide Approvers with a single PDF file that packages the campaign creative with all of the campaign details

Status Indicators

Visit the Campaign Dashboard to instantly see the approval status for each campaign

Audit Log

Access historical campaign review and approval details with timestamp insights

Staff Education

Ensure that staff are aware of campaigns. Share a single PDF with all the details.

One package. All the details.

The Digital Onboarding platform will generate a PDF file with all the campaign details for review and approval.

The campaign PDF file includes:

Overview of the campaign: Benchmarks, incentives, and a personalized message

Supporting assets: Microsite/Landing pages, emails, SMS text messages

Message schedule: When your emails and SMS text messages will be sent

Targeting conditions & impact: Number & description of the contacts in the campaign

Call to Action (CTA): Summary with clickable URLs

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Add the Packaging & Approvals feature to the Digital Onboarding platform within days, no development resources required.

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