Make surveys actionable

With the Survey Retargeting Widget, you can automatically deliver personalized offers that customers & members value

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Discover what they need.
Deliver what they want.

Discover what they need. 
Deliver what they want.

Create unlimited surveys

Find out what people and businesses need. Choose from multiple-choice, list, and open-ended answer formats.

Visualize the results

See survey answers in colorful graphics, and easily create audience segments for follow-up communications.

Notify your staff

Trigger email messages to alert personal bankers and other team members about customer and members needs.

Deliver personalized offers

Use survey data to automatically retarget people and businesses. Deliver education and personalized offers they value.

Get more responses

Automatically retarget customers and members who haven’t completed the survey within a defined period.

Update your systems

Use webhooks to update your database and other systems with the survey data. Give frontline staff the visibility they need.

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Survey Retargeting Widget product sheet

With the Digital Onboarding platform’s Survey Retargeting Widget, you can discover what customers and members need and automatically deliver personalized offers that they value

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